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Feng Shui

Marie Diamond - Highly sought after Feng Shui consultant to the 'stars'

As seen in the secret dvd, below she talks about Feng Shi


Get Your Energy Flowing Today!

“You and your home are one unified field, one quantum field of unlimited possibilities. What is in you aligns with what is outside of you. The first thing you align with is your home or office. You can start with your transformation of your mind, feelings and actions and it will manifest in your home and office. But if you don’t adapt your environment, the universe will receive a mixed message from you.

When you adapt your home and office to your wishes for success, abundance, good health, romance and enlightened wisdom, the universe will support you in a fast easy flow of manifestation.”

When you have problems manifesting something in your own life, like career changes, new or improved relationships, better finances, good health, or even family harmony, bad Feng Shui may be the reason…especially when you feel you’ve tried everything without success… Marie Diamond

The Course:

Marie Diamond, creater of Diamond Feng Shui goes beyond classical Feng Shui by bringing the profound practices of Heaven Luck and Human Luck to the Earth Luck of classical Feng Shui. What does this mean to you? You learn an integrated form of Feng Shui that balances perfectly with your spiritual practice or religion as well as your penchant for self-improvement. It all fits beautifully together.

You see, the energetic field of the earth — which is what classical Feng Shui is all about — interacts with the higher energetic fields that come from spiritual practices such as meditation and religious practices such as prayer. Furthermore, all of these energetic fields interact with our human energetic fields. So Earth Luck meets Heaven Luck meets Human Luck — these three ancient concepts come together in an unprecedented way with Diamond Feng Shui.

In today’s world you need every edge you can get. And you get it all with Diamond Feng Shui. Marie is indeed a master.

Take advantage of how energy responds to you personally — both positively and negatively — by using your Personal Energy Number. Experience greater success, better health, stronger relationships, and spiritual growth almost immediately.

You will discover:

  • How the universe parses luck and fortune to everyone based on their birthdate and gender.

  • What causes you misfortune while a person in similar circumstances experiences fortune.

  • The quick-start dos and don’ts of Feng Shui.

  • Five steps to direct the highest level of positive energy toward you.

  • When opportunity comes knocking, how to make sure you hear the knocks.

  • Four directions your desk should never face if you want financial freedom.

Watch the extraordinary DVD that comes with your Essentials course. See real people learn Diamond Feng Shui principles and apply them to their lives. Watch as Marie Diamond goes into someone’s house and makes changes just like you will do in your own home.

Using information contained in Essentials on their large fashion company, AM from Barcelona, Spain wrote, “I had to change my desk around and paint the warehouse a different color. All of the theft problems stopped, and we are thriving.”

• Silver edition shows you how to energize your home and workplace

Further increase fortune for you and for your family and co-workers. Diamond Feng Shui combines classical Feng Shui with 24 aspects of human experience, which Marie calls the Facets of the Diamond. In Level One you enhance the yang Diamond Facets by activating the active energy of your environment and reducing misfortune caused by weak, stagnant energy.

Diamond Feng Shui Silver Edition

Your Silver Edition includes the Essentials and Level One courses; 9 CDs, a DVD, and two comprehensive manuals.

Diamond Feng Shui Silver Edition

Essentials course: *Essentials CD *Essentials Manual * Essentials DVD

Level One course: * Level One 8-CD Set * Level One Manual

Click on product titles Below to get More Details on the 3 versions of the course:

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  1. Diamond Feng Shui Silver

    Diamond Feng Shui Silver

    Highly Recommended As Seen in the movie 'the Secret' - Marie Diamond is one of the most famous and sought after Feng Shui masters inthe world with clients such as Shell petroleum and Donald Trump and many hollywood stars!

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  2. Diamond Feng Shui Gold Edition

    Diamond Feng Shui Gold Edition

    Your Gold Edition includes the Essentials, Level One, and Level Two courses; 15 CDs, 2 DVDs, three comprehensive manuals, and a host of support opportunities

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  3. Diamond Feng Shui Course - Diamond Edition

    Diamond Feng Shui Course - Diamond Edition

    Your Diamond Edition includes the Essentials and the Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 courses; 22 CDs, 3 DVDs, four comprehensive manuals, and a host of support events and opportunities.

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