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Consider it as an addition to your First Aid Kit at home - ready to use whenever injury or pain occurs .

The e-cell may also aid in the recovery of long standing injuries that have failed to fully recover; typically osteoarthritis and muscle and tendon damage.

WA's Edith Cowan University investigated the e-cell in 2012 and found:

"....the results suggested that the e-cell treatment significantly enhanced the recovery of muscle function including a rapid return of strength and range of motion, reducing swelling and tenderness". Said researcher Harry Banyard.


Being lightweight, totally portable with no wires or pads or other restrictions there is nothing to stop you from going about your normal daily tasks. The e-cell does more than relieve pain-it is designed to get to the source of pain and speed the natural process of healing at the cellular level. 


  • It mimics the benefits of exercise without placing any physical load on the body, accelerating natural healing.

  • It is not designed to block pain; it's designed to speed the body's natural healing processes.

  • It is portable, simple to operate and can be used during your normal daytime activities.
  • By using specific and targeted electromagnetic therapy, the e-cell   works conveniently over your clothing.

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  1. E-Cell Basic Pack

    E-Cell Basic Pack

    E-cell is a drug free, natural way to speed healing and pain. The Basic Pack contains everything you need to get started with E-cell. This pack includes the e-cell, charger,  strap, user guides, etc. Plus the Vascular Therapy Card is included as a bonus card with all online purchases of the e-cell Basic Package.

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