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Hair Fibres

The Hairmax hair Fibers (which we feel are superior to other brands like nanogen)

are an exceptional way to thicken hair and mask balding or thinking hair building hair volume.


HairMax Hair Fibers are scientifically formulated to bond with your hair. They are secure enough to withstand the most extreme conditions. HairMax Hair Fibers blend and bond with your existing hair, instantly providing dramatic density, volume and natural looking coverage. Bald patches and thin areas instantly vanish leaving you with a natural looking full head of hair.

HairMax Hair Fibers

- HairMax Hair Fibers can be applied within seconds
- See immediate results
- HairMax Hair Fibers build up your hair to dramatically increase volume and density
- Made with all-natural and organic ingredients
- Easily washes out with any shampoo
- Completely undetectable
- Statically bonds to your hair to create a natural appearance
- Gos on dry; No odor
- Compatible with all hair growth treatments such as the HairMax LaserComb
- HairMax Hair Fibers can be used by both men and women
- 100% safe to use after hair transplant surgery


Watch how to use the HairMax hair fibres:


Colour Palette (available in 8 colors)

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  1. Hairmax Hair Fibres 27g

    Hairmax Hair Fibres 27g

    Regular Price: $64.90

    Special Price: $59.90

    As low as: $56.91

    HairMax Hair Fibers are natural keratin protein hair building fibers that blend and statically cling to your existing hair to hide any receding areas and provide dramatic density, volume and natural looking coverage, INSTANTLY!


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