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Our busy lifestyles have lead us to a world where convenience is key. Unfortunately this affects diet as most people look for the most convenient source of food, which is prepackaged food. We are thrilled with the raw food, paleo diet and organic movement that has been sweeping our nation but also understand that convenient foods are not going to change anytime soon. With this in mind, we have created our products in vegetable capsules.

They are simple and easy to add into you diet simply by taking them with a full glass of water. A full glass of water is essential to allow the ingredient to take full effect in your digestive system. Our supplements are encased in a vege-cap (vegetable capsule) that contains two ingredients: vegetarian HPMC and water. It requires no gelling agents or additional excipients so you can be sure what you take is as pure as it can be.

Our products undergo extensive research and testing in world-class facilities.

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  1. Divinitá Immuno

    Divinitá Immuno

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    Divinitá ImmunoPlus™ Dietary Supplement | 60 capsulesImmunoPlus™ contains some of the strongest all natural immune boosting nutrients available in a capsule in today’s market. ImmunoPlus uses a herb known to assist in the stimulation of your body’s response to fighting infections. Echinacea is known to reduced symptoms of common colds and flus and assist in quick recovery.  It also contains our signature brown algae seaweed to promote a healthy immune system all year round.

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