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Diary's & Calendars

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  1. 2018 Gratitude Diary by Melanie Spears

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    2018 Gratitude Diary by Melanie Spears

    The Gratitude Diary 2018 is a best seller in Australia. In the Gratitude Diary 2018 you will find a daily space to journal your thoughts of gratitude, a monthly astrology, a weekly moon guide, and inspirational quotes. Read More

  2. 2018 Moon Diary *staff pick*

    2018 Moon Diary *staff pick*

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    This is the 25th year of the Moon Diary. True to the ethos of this work, the Moon Diary is printed in Australia on 100% recycled post consumer waste paper using Solar Power. We are so happy to be able to keep our environmental footprint light.

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  3. I Can Do It 2018 Calendar 365 Daily Affirmations by Louise L Hay

    I Can Do It 2018 Calendar 365 Daily Affirmations by Louise L Hay

    Every year brings with it new and exciting opportunities to grow. Make this the year that you accept love, joy, success, and well-being into your life with Louise Hay’s I CAN DO IT® 2018 Calendar.This stunning calendar offers 365 positive thoughts, affirmations, and words of wisdom to help you focus on that I can do it attitude and be open to all that Life has waiting for you. Read More

  4. 2018 Gratitude Diary

    2018 Gratitude Diary

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    The theme for the 2017 Gratitude Diary is balance. Within these pages you will find tips and suggestions as to how you can create more balance in your daily life.

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  5. Crystal Reflections 2017 Diary

    Crystal Reflections 2017 Diary

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    Following the seasons of the Southern Hemisphere, this beautiful full-colour 2016 diary iis so much more than just an organiser. Each week offers the opportunity to learn more about a popular crystal aligned with the changing seasons of the year. The diary offers space for you to reflect and be grateful for the beauty in your life. 

    Also included are simple crystal meditations and informative journey, Adam highlights some practices for each full moon, star sign, Mercury and other planetary retrogrades and significant seasonal events. The perfect tool for reconnecting with the magic of Mother Nature. 

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  6. Friendship Day Planner 2017

    Friendship Day Planner 2017

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    More than your average planner, readers can begin each day with a word of wisdom, receive spiritual food-for-thought as they navigate through their everyday lives, and have Coelho be their guide as they plan and embark on their own travels and personal journeys. Read More

  7. Moon Cycle Wall Chart 2017

    Moon Cycle Wall Chart 2017

    This is a fabulous chart to mark your monthly cycle including tiredness, cravings, ovulation, menopausal symptoms, sexual activity and the follicular and luteal phase. In the follicular phase a woman's creative power is at it's most potent. The luteal phase is time to withdrawal and self nurture.

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  8. 2017 Daily Inspirations from Wayne Dyer

    2017 Daily Inspirations from Wayne Dyer

    This year can be your opportunity to internalize and directly experience the great wisdom of the Tao Te Ching, a collection of 81 verses authored by Chinese prophet Lao-tzu 25 centuries ago. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has broken down the translated verses into bite-size pieces based on his New York Times best-selling book Change Your Thoughts—Change Your Life so that you can slowly absorb these powerful thoughts and imprint them into your consciousness. Working with one concept each day of the year, you will come to know the truth behind the ancient Tao observation: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Read More

  9. Daily Messages from the Angels 2017 Calendar

    Daily Messages from the Angels 2017 Calendar

    “No matter what you need help with, no matter what you believe your blocks or limitations to be, we have a solution waiting for you right now. Just ask us.”

    The Law of Free Will says that the angels can only help you when you ask them, or give them permission to, yet many people say that they forget to ask for their angels’ help. So I created this calendar to give you daily reminders to ask for your angels’ assistance with anything and everything.

    All the entries within come directly from the angels, so when you see the words we and us, know that the angels are personally speaking to you and are bringing you comfort, guidance, and Heavenly love. By reading their words daily, you’ll be immersed in the sweet energy of their love. This will help you be more aware of your own guardian angels’ messages for you.

    My prayer is that, with the help of this calendar, each of your days will be filled with blessings, miracles, and joy.

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