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Fermented foods

Fermented Foods are the single most important foods we can introduce to our diet. They contain a power house of probiotics to enhance digestion, increase vitamin levels and cleanse the bowel, resulting in improved health. 

Older traditions used fermented vegetables as a novel way of food preservation and only today the benefits of this lost art are are being revived.

Fermented foods contain beneficial probiotics, digestive enzymes, and health boosting nutrients. These foods are bursting with beneficial bacteria to boost digestive health!

By incorporating fermented foods such as cultured vegetables, kefir yoghurt in your daily diet you not only assist your digestion but the immune system overall.  

Making fermented foods is economical, something you can involve the whole family in that can be made from home. 

Click here to watch - How to make your own coconut kefir and cultured vegetables.

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Watch: Donna Gates - the making cultured vegetables:

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