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Mother's Day

Mother's Day is that time of year that comes only once - so make it memorable!  
We have a selection of unique gifts that mum will simply love!

Organic Essentials Oils

Mum will love this boutique collection of premium grade, 100% pure and certified organic essential oils . Lively Living Oils are just Divine ! Includes a set of 7 x 12ml essential organic oils, plus a lovely tote gift bag!  
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Mother's Day Organic Tea Gift Set

Perfect gift for any mum who loves tea! This 36 individually wrapped teas in 6 popular organic varieties:  Presented in a special "Happy Mothers Day" Gift box with ribbon.
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Aroma Jewel Diffuser
The new Aroma-Jewel diffuser has incredible swirls of gold, turquoise and sea green when it transforms into a magnificent visual experience.Each glass cover is hand blown making each unique.
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Dr Bronner's Lavender Gift set

This pack of 3 gift set contains a luxurious soap bar, body balm and the famous castile liquid soaps with 18 uses for just about any cleaning task. RRP $59.90 now only $39.90 for mother's day only

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Himilayan Salt Lamp 2-3kg

A lovely gift for mum - these salt lamps are hand carved from raw elements, no two lamps are ever the same - unique just like mum!
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Aroma Pearl Wood Aromatherapy Diffuser

This stunning wood pearl aromadiffuser makes the ideal gift for mum. It offers 5-in-1 functionality as a diffuser, Ioniser, air purifier, humidifier, and night lamp. Includes a Lemongrass oil.  
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Rock babies for Mum!

These mini himilayan salt lamps plug straight into the power point - no messy cords!. Providing the benefits of negative ions, these lovely little lamps produce a beautiful, natural glow of different colours, from orange to yellow. Mum will love!
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Wild Rose pamper Pack

Pamper mum with Weleda - Wild Rose Pampering Body Oil and Smoothing Facial Lotion.  Luxurious Damascus rose oil combined with ylang ylang, sweet almond and jojoba oil to smooth away fine lines and revitalise the skin. 
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Collagen Beauty blend

Give mum the gift of Beauty from the inside! Our skin is made up of over 75% collagen, as we age we lose collagen causing sagging and loss of skin elasticity. Collagen Beauty is made of BioActive collagen peptides designed to replenish our collagen reserves.


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Bath Lovers Gift Box

Our Bath Lovers Gift Pack has everything mum needs  to kick back and enjoy a relaxing bath!
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Embrace Aromatherapy!

We have a great new range of stylish aromatherapy diffusers. 

Each one unique in design, ideal as a perfect addition to any home or office

Our Top new diffusers:

The Aroma Swirl

The Aroma Swirl’s quality glass outer cover is handmade. Each piece is unique and features incredible swirls of colour, a feature on its own! When illuminated by the colour changing lights, it transforms into a beautiful night light. Read more

The Aroma Flare 

With a clean and sleek appearance the Aroma-Flare is a perfect fit at on an office desk or study  and will also blend seamlessly with any home decor. The Aroma-Flare’s colour changing lights illuminate through the fins, creating an ambient glow. Read more


Aroma Elm Diffuser

Innovative & stylish the Aroma-Elm diffuser features a large 300ml water capacity, long running time and is perfect for both the home or office. The Aroma-Elm represents the strength and durability of the respected Elm trees. Available in Rose & Gold. Read more

Aroma Sky Diffuser

The Aroma-Sky features decorative holes in its ceramic outer cover. When the colour changing light is activated, the Aroma-Sky shines just like mystical stars and the moon in the night sky.  Read more
Aroma Jewel Diffuser

With each unique in its own creation the  Aroma-Jewel’s quality glass outer cover features incredible swirls of gold, turquoise and sea green. Each cover is hand crafted with high quality swirled glass making each diffuser unique in creation. Read More

Aroma Bloom Wood Pearl

Our most popular new diffuser the Aroma Bloom diffuser is now available with a wood textured base and lovely pearl finish. The unit changes through an array of 5 stunning colours. Read more

Hush Little Baby - New

This beautiful new blend is designed to help ease restlessness and improve sleep! Consists of  organic chamomile, sandalwood, mandarin, lavender and sweet Orange. Read more

Sniffles & Cough Oil - New

Ideal as we approach winter the Sniffles and Cough blend is designed to assist with coughs, colds and congestion. Read more

Pure Frankincense  

This pure blend of Boswella serrata frankincense is spiritually cleansing and ideal to create an environment of peace and wellness $25.50 Read more

Certified Organic Aroma Oils 

Available as a gift pack and also individually these pure Certified Organic aromatherapy oils include peppermint, lavender, lemon, clove, lemongrass, frankincense & geranium. Read more

Weight Loss Wonders

Make those 2018 weight loss goals a reality!  

We have chosen 10 natural weight loss 'wonders'  to get you on your way:

Liquid Garcinia Extreme

Kick-start your weight loss goals with Garcinia Extreme liquid. Contains pure garcinia with 60% Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). Garcinia may help to inhibit your liver from converting sugars into fat. This in turn causes the body to burn existing fat as a source of fuel. Tastes great with maqui berry, paw paw and pomegranate.  Read More

Eagle VLC Diet

Eagle VLC Diet is our most popular weight management formula designed to target stored stubborn fat and assist with appetite control. Contains a complete profile of powerful amino acids plus a range of herbal and plant extracts for appetite control. Now on sale $96.50 RRP $129.90 .  Read more


Cellfood Natural Burn Formula

Popular amoung customers Cellfood Burn is great for those who wish to lose weight and detox. Cellfood with natural fat burners, L-Carnitine (a natural amino acid) and Garcinia Cambogia plant extract to promote healthly weight loss. Read more


Many overweight people fail to 'burn off' excess carbohydrates satisfactorily. Therefore, if you think this is the reason why you are overweight, CarbMaster may be a helping hand in your weight loss journey. Read more
Nutri-Leaf Dieters Teas

Dieters Nutri-Slim Tea, (available in different strengths) containing two herbal ingredients designed to act as a cleanse and weight loss aid thatmay  assist the body with expelling toxins and excess weight. Read More


Sugar Crave Release + Slim & Tone protein + Tote Bag

This great bundle from Amazonia has everything you need plus a bonus tote bag. Raw sugar crave release helps target excessive bad digestive bacteria and excessive appetite, while slim & tone protein nourishes your body with the nutrients it needs and leaves you feeling full for longer. Read more

Kelp Noodles - 6 Calories per serve!

A great replacement for pasta, these versatile noodles are ready to serve right from the package!  With only 6 calories per serve and high in minerals, their unique texture is perfect in salad with thinly sliced vegetables. Served hot in broth, they soften and absorb flavors well. Now in a stand-up pouch. Macrobiotic, Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free Read more

Alkaline Ph Chart

Ideal for meal planning for those following an alkaline diet for weight loss & detoxification. Deciphering what foods are acid or alkaline forming can be confusing. This easy to read A4 chart is laminated with a magnetic backing to make it easy to mount on the fridge. The chart covers hundreds of food and non food items rating them from highly acid to alkaline forming. Read more

Fresh Start Slim Cleanse

Fresh Start Slim & Cleanse is an easy to follow 10 day program. 3 easy steps to jump start your health and wellbeing! Only $48.90  Read more

Divinita Active Slim 90caps

Contains a unique form of organic brown Algae, a seaweed from Norway with an incredibly rich nutritional profile and the added benefits of Garcinia. Read more

Browse our further range of weight management products here

Summer Cleanse

With the year unfolding and many of us settling back into our daily routines, its not a time to be complacent but a time to kick start 2018 with a cleanse!

We have chosen 10 cleansing products to get you going:
Our top 10 picks:

Heal Your Gut powder

Heal Your Gut powder is our most popular gut cleanse. The powder contains naturopathic grade, organic diatomaceous earth which helps to gently clean out the accumulated build-up of waste, toxins, metals and mucous.  Read more


Tri-Plex liquid parasite cleanse

Tri-Plex is a time-tested natural anti-parasite herbal liquid formula. This formulation contains black walnut, clove bud and wormwood leaf as specified by Dr Hulda Clark for the elimination of parasites and worms. 
Read More

Complete Bowel Detox Kit

Eden foods detox kit works on the gut - the root of our bad health, cleansing out toxins and re-colonising the gut with good bacteria. An essential detox program for all! Read more

Kefir and Veggie Culture starters

Fermented foods are essential for digestion & elimination. They contain a power house of probiotics to enhance digestion, increase vitamin levels and cleanse the bowel, resulting in improved health. Read more

Fresh Start herbal cleanse

Fresh Start Slim & Cleanse is an easy to follow 10 day program. 3 easy steps to jump start your health and wellbeing!
Only $48.90 Read more

Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal is great as a general detoxifier. Charcoal is traditionally used as a natural detoxifier to absorb toxins. Made from activated coconut shell charcoal. Read more

Hilde Hemmes Detox Program

This highly popular and easy to follow detox program.
Works on flushing toxins from the system and supporting the liver. Read more

Biotta Breuss Juice
Renowned by its users for its detoxing abilities, this lacto-fermented vegetable juice mix is used for detoxification and juice fasting. Read more

5 Point Detox - 16 Day Detox

The herbs in 5 Point Detox have been traditionally used in Western & Chinese medicine to support liver health and offer a general cleansing effects on the digestive tracks. Read more


Digestive Care Multi

This 10 day cleanse from Body Ecology works on re-balancing the digestive system. Contains a Mineral Blend, Liver Power Cleanse,Digestive Enzyme Power & Probiotic Power Blend. Read more

Browse our further range of Detox products here

Valentine's Day

Sharing the love ...

Sharing the love with that special someone this Valentine's Day has never been easier with our unique gifts for both him and her!

We have selected 10 great picks from our gift range:
Our top 10 picks:

Aromatherapy Diffusers

You can't go past the Aroma Bloom and Aroma Pearl diffusers for that special gift! Combined with an Aromatherapy oil gift pack they make that ideal present, guaranteed to please!  Read more

The Scent of love - Aromatherapy 

Set the mood with romance oil!. A wonderfully fragrant aroma, which inspires the soul. The Romance blend consists of a certified organic blend of sweet orange, lavender, patchouli, yyang ylang & mandarin oils. Read More

Sukin Valentines Love your skin pack

Give the gift of beauty and lovely skin with the Sukin Love your Skin gift pack containing calming a night cream, facial moisturiser and a cleansing gel.
Only $19.95. Read more


Chocolate Lovers gift pack 

For those who love chocolate the healthy gift pack of dark chocolate cacao nibs and blueberry bliss balls are packed with anti-oxidants. Read more

Gourmet Tea Gift Box

This lovely tin tea gift box contains the entire range of the Tea Tonic Teas. 32 Premium Tea Bags, 25 different flavours.
Read more

The Delux Bath lovers gift pack

Love a good Bath ? Our Bath lovers gift pack has everything a bath lover needs to enjoy a relaxing Bath. It is time to unwind with the most amazing experience bath ever! Read more

Luxury 50hr burning Soy Candles

High quality and with a burning time of 50 hours these candles make the perfect gift for that someone special. Only $18.95! . Read more

Inspire your senses Pamper Pack

Indulge yourself with three pampering shower experiences! All three body washes have light yet moisturising plant oils to cleanse and hydrate your skin. Pure essential oils invigorate and inspire. Read more

Men's Natural grooming pack

Don't forget him this Valetine's day!
Pamper your man with Weleda's natural Men's Facial Care and shaving gift pack. Read more


Natural Cologne pack for men

Made from pure aromatherapy oils and not synthetic fragrances!  Choose from Orange Essence, Fresh Woods, and Vetiver Spirit. Invigorating and wonderfully aromatic!. Read more


Browse our further range of Valentine's gift packs here

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