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Our Top 8 Sale items:

Aroma Bloom Value Packs + 2 oils

These 2 value packs contain either a Wood or Turquoise Aroma bloom with your choice of 2 oils from our set of seven oils. Great value! Read more.
RRP $140.90 Sale Price $124.90
Niugini 650ml Coconut oil 650ml
This is one of the very few raw, unrefined and unbleached organic coconut oils on the market - Niugini coconut oil is of the highest quality 
Read more
RRP $19.90 Sale price $15.90

Melrose Organic Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is rich in dietary fibre, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, chlorophyll and folate an essential B vitamin.​ Read more
RRP $30.90 Sale price $24.90

Tulsi Lax Tea


A customer favourite. Tulsi Lax is the ideal tea to assist with gentle elimination. Contains Senna and licorice, spearmint and peppermint.  Read more
RRP $6.25 Sale price $4.90

Alkaline Water sticks


Just shake and in as little as 30 minutes, you can increase the pH and lower the ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) of your drinking water. You can use the Alkaline Water Stick over and over again.  Read more
RRP $23.90 Sale price $15.90

Himalayan Salt Lamp 2-3kg

These lamps release beneficial negative ions which help neutralise the effects of electronics and other air pollutants.  Read more.
 RRP $59.90 Sale price $35.90

PainGo Capsules

All-natural herbal formulation for the symptomatic relief of arthritis, joint, bone and muscle pain. Read more
RRP $34.90 Sale price $27.90

Parasites Combo - PPC Herbs

Save with this powerful combo!
Contains 1 x Triplex 50ml and 1 x CandaPlex 100ml
Forumula as specified by Hulda Clark, using organic wormwood, cloves and green hulled walnut. Read more
RRP $79.90 Sale price $59.90

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Green Living

We wanted to share with you our top 10 products for green living - take a look at these environmentally sustainable products and start living green today!

Our top 10 picks:

Work & School Lunchbox Essentials

Healthy snacking and meal prep made easy with reusable storage! 

Perfect for both kids and adults. Try EVER ECO's bento boxes or The Double Stacker 1L lunchbox, Cheeki's best seller for school bags and office packed lunches. See here
EVER ECO Reusable Produce Bags

With plastic bags being phased out nationwide, now is the best time for reusable shopping bags!  
EVER ECO's cotton tote bags are lightweight yet super strong. Perfect for carrying your daily essentials while on the go. See here

EVER ECO Drinking Straws

It's time to stop using wasteful plastic straws and move to reusable, washable straws. EVER ECO expands their range with new Bamboo Straws and Stainless Steel Straws with wider openings for super thick blends! See here

CHEEKI Insulated Food Jars


Take warm food with you anywhere this winter! Providing insulation for up to 10 hours hot and 24 hours cold. Perfect for kids to bring to school or for adults to work. Cheeki’s food jars are BPA free, leak-proof and made from premium grade stainless steel. See here

Apiwraps - Reusable lunch Wraps

Say goodbye to single use plastic wraps with ApiWraps. ApiWraps Beeswax Wraps made in Australia  Organic cotton along with natural pine resin and organic coconut oil. Keep lunches fresh with these wraps that work! See here.

Apple Green Duck Shopping Bags​

Perfect for that quick trip to the store or farmers market. Browse our stylish selection of Apple Green Duck grocer bags available in a range of prints, colours, shapes and sizes. Choose between calico, nylon and cotton.       See range here

Sustainable Scrubbers

Natural value provides an array of scrubbing sponges and pads to clean all types of surface areas around the home. Using only natural fibres and ingredients, the range is eco-friendly and multi-purpose. Read More

Fruity Snacks Reusable

Produce Bags
Eco friendly, see through mesh reusable shopping bags for fresh fruit and vegetables and other produce. See here.

Reusable Coffe Mugs


Double walled and vacuum insulated these high performance 450ml coffee mugs are built for long days that need lots of coffee! This mug will fit in car and buggy drink holders. Barista friendly, they come with Cheeki’s unique  pop-up lid which is totally leak-proof and easy to drink from. See here

Marco Polo's Hand-crafted Incense​

Try the first and only incense in the world that is 100% certified natural. Marco Polo's Treasures have released four new scents, extending their collection of pure, high quality incense sticks. Each come in a pack of 10 and are super long lasting. See here

Browse our further range of green living products here.

Winter Survival Kit

We wanted to share with you our Winter Survival Kit - our top 10 products for staying healthy and happy through the cold season!

Our top 10 picks:

Winter Aroma Bloom Bundle 

The Aroma Bloom Value Pack comes with an Aroma pearl (colour of your choice) and 3 of our most popular oils for winter! The Winter Rescue remedy, organic lemongrass and immune blends are essential for this time of the year to keep the family calm & healthy. See more here
New Wellness Aromatherapy Oils

Enhance your family’s wellness this winter with Lively Living’s 100% Certified Organic Essential Oils. You can now choose from seven oils to make a three or five pack gift set. Our premium blends include: focus, immune boost, sleep, positivity and stress release. These blends are essential during winter to keep you and your family healthy. See here

KiwiHerb Kids Winter Herbal Formulas

Kiwiherb have your kids covered this winter when it comes to stuffy noses, coughs and colds. Their natural herbals formulas are specially designed for children. The Children's De-Stuff and Cough and chest syrup are popular. Read more

Therapacks Shoulder and Neck Pack 

Cold winter weather can make our muscles prone to heat loss and soreness. Therapacks’ Neck and Shoulder Pack uses natural odourless lupin heat bags with gentle penetrating heat or cold therapy, going deep into the muscles to help nature with the act of healing. See here

Organic Bone Broth - Ideal for soups and stews this winter! ​

Bone Broth is essential to use as we approach winter. Rich in minerals, protein and collagen. Bone broth has been traditionally used as a health remedy through-out the ages. Browse our range of bone broths here

Cough & Cold Pack PPC Herbs

PPC Herbs Cough & Cold-Plex Pack will get you through the flu season.For the temporary relief of bronchial cough, cold and influenza this combination is your natural option. Read More

Lip balm for cracked lips

Chapped lips are never a good look! Its important to use a good natural lip balm to keep your lips moisturised and healthy! Our range of lip balms use natural moisturising oils and are petrochemical free! Read more

Pukka Teas for Immunity

Deliciously refreshing organic herbal tea blended with all natural ingredients to help soothe, calm and nourish. Pukka's Elderberry and Echinacea and lemon, ginger and Manuka honey blends are ideal to sooth a sore throat this winter! See the whole range here

Simple As That Natural Vapour Rubs


Simple As That natural vapour rubs are 100% petrochemical free. Made with natural shea oil, coconut oil, and a blend of pure essential oils all known for their anti-bacterial, antiseptic properties. Ideal to use on the kids and family to help relieve congestion. Read more

Fermented Liquid Olive Leaf Extract

Rochway Olive leaf extract is our number one seller at present. This olive leaf extract is fermented and includes the immune boosting benefits of fresh paw paw leaves. An essential to include in your winter wellness regime. Read more​

Winter Wellness Remedies

With winter in full swing, colds and flus are just around the corner. There is no better time like now to boost your immunity.

We have you covered with a range of remedies that will keep you feeling great!
Our top 10 picks:

Halotherapy Ultrasonic Salt Diffuser
Designed for better breathing for the whole family. The Ultrasonic Halo Salt Air Pod transforms saline solution into a salt diffused mist from the indoor air. Don't miss out on this winter essential! See how it works here

Aroma Bloom Value Pack
​​The Aroma Bloom Value Pack comes with an Aroma pearl (colour of your choice) and 2 of our most popular oils!

The Child Calming and Winter Rescue remedy blends are essential for this time of the year to keep the family calm & healthy. See more here

Organic Bone Broth - Ideal for soups and stews this winter!

Bone Broth is essential to use as we approach winter. Rich in minerals, protein and collagen. Bone broth has been traditionally used as a health remedy through-out the ages. See our range of bone broths here

Olive Leaf and Manuka Honey Drops

Olive leaf oral spray combines the powerful effects of our fresh-picked olive leaf extract with sage leaf extract, ideal for sore throats. The lozenges are great on the go too and essential for sore throats! Read more.

SIMPLE AS THAT - Vapour Balm

Keep yourself free from stuffiness and inflammation this winter with our organic Vapour Rub.
Comprising of shea butter, coconut oil, and a potent blend of pure essential oilsall known for their anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Read more

Winter Aromatherapy Oils
Our most popular aroma oils this winter:

1) Winter Rescue Remedy -  A 100% organic oil decongesting blend, containing Eucalyptus, Lavender and Tea Tree oils.
2) Child Calming - Certified Organic Blend has been specifically created to use with children in mind

Amazonia Immune Flu Fighter Pack

Everything you need to kick the flu this winter! Raw Immune Powder formula combines a full spectrum of natural plant sources of Vitamin C, along with strong herbal support for immunity. Includes Flu fighter spray  Read more

KiwiHerb Winter Herbal Formulas

Kiwiherb has got you covered this winter when it comes to stuffy noses, coughs and colds. Their natural, herbal formulas are specially designed for children. 'Children's De-Stuff' & 'Cough and Chest Syrup' are their best sellers. Read more            

Natural Immune Defence

Ki Immune Defence and Comvita Olive leaf Defence are our staff picks for immunity this winter. Ki combines the key 3 herbs traditionally used for immunity Astragalus, shiitake and Olive leaf. Read more

Lemon & Ginger Manuka Honey 

Comvita have combined the soothing benefits manuka honey with lemon and ginger in these 2 new blends. Receive anti-bacterial benefits of manuka honey with the extra goodness of added lemon or ginger!. Read more

Browse our further range of Cold and Flu remedies here


Mother's Day

Mother's Day is that time of year that comes only once - so make it memorable!  
We have a selection of unique gifts that mum will simply love!

Organic Essentials Oils

Mum will love this boutique collection of premium grade, 100% pure and certified organic essential oils . Lively Living Oils are just Divine ! Includes a set of 7 x 12ml essential organic oils, plus a lovely tote gift bag!  
Order Now

Mother's Day Organic Tea Gift Set

Perfect gift for any mum who loves tea! This 36 individually wrapped teas in 6 popular organic varieties:  Presented in a special "Happy Mothers Day" Gift box with ribbon.
Order Now

Aroma Jewel Diffuser
The new Aroma-Jewel diffuser has incredible swirls of gold, turquoise and sea green when it transforms into a magnificent visual experience.Each glass cover is hand blown making each unique.
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Dr Bronner's Lavender Gift set

This pack of 3 gift set contains a luxurious soap bar, body balm and the famous castile liquid soaps with 18 uses for just about any cleaning task. RRP $59.90 now only $39.90 for mother's day only

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Himilayan Salt Lamp 2-3kg

A lovely gift for mum - these salt lamps are hand carved from raw elements, no two lamps are ever the same - unique just like mum!
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Aroma Pearl Wood Aromatherapy Diffuser

This stunning wood pearl aromadiffuser makes the ideal gift for mum. It offers 5-in-1 functionality as a diffuser, Ioniser, air purifier, humidifier, and night lamp. Includes a Lemongrass oil.  
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Rock babies for Mum!

These mini himilayan salt lamps plug straight into the power point - no messy cords!. Providing the benefits of negative ions, these lovely little lamps produce a beautiful, natural glow of different colours, from orange to yellow. Mum will love!
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Wild Rose pamper Pack

Pamper mum with Weleda - Wild Rose Pampering Body Oil and Smoothing Facial Lotion.  Luxurious Damascus rose oil combined with ylang ylang, sweet almond and jojoba oil to smooth away fine lines and revitalise the skin. 
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Collagen Beauty blend

Give mum the gift of Beauty from the inside! Our skin is made up of over 75% collagen, as we age we lose collagen causing sagging and loss of skin elasticity. Collagen Beauty is made of BioActive collagen peptides designed to replenish our collagen reserves.


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Bath Lovers Gift Box

Our Bath Lovers Gift Pack has everything mum needs  to kick back and enjoy a relaxing bath!
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